Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage: We know how to ergonomically use our bodyweight to get deep pressure, if necessary!
Deep Tissue Massage: We know how to ergonomically use our bodyweight to get deep pressure, if necessary!

We do Deep Tissue Massage the way it should be done. Slowly, deeply, with intention and precision. This is a popular modality that appeals to a wide variety of clients, and for good reason: It’s effective!

Some of the immediate benefits you can expect to receive during the massage include:
1. Relaxation
2. Decrease in Stress and Anxiety
3. Slower and Deeper Breathing
4. Increased Circulation
5. Reduction in Muscle Tension
6. Lymphatic Drainage

Your therapist is skilled in Assessment and Session Planning and she can tailor the appointment to address the parts of your body that need the most attention, whether that be the neck, back, hips, etc. Your therapist know what tools and leverage to use for different parts of body, requiring different amounts of pressure, on different body types. For this reason alone, this style of massage is great for practically everyone. If you’re looking for a lot of pressure, be assured that your therapist can indeed deliver. But just as importantly, if what you want is for your therapist to be mindful of you and modify the pressure when it is too much, do be assured that your therapist is strong enough to be sensitive. We know that not every nail may need to be hammered.

Deep Tissue is typically done with the client draped on the massage table, so you will want to wear clothes that are easy to take on and off. The best clothes would be like what you would wear to a yoga class: Allowing for modesty, flexibility, and comfort during freedom of movement. This also allows your therapist to more easily do a full body assessment. Please remove all watches and jewelry before the session starts. Most clients are used to being laid on the table face up or face down, but we also incorporate side-lying and seated work (of course, you will still be draped, or you will possibly be in your clothing). We generally recommend coming in for bodywork every 4 weeks for everyone. Your specific situation may be different, so talk with your therapist about a good treatment plan for you.

You may feel a little sore after a day or two. We recommend drinking an additional liter of high quality water every day to help reduce soreness. Also, avoid any foods that are high in sodium, as this can be dehydrating. Fruits are an excellent way to eat your water and they help get your lymphatic system flowing to flush out all the gunk released from this deep work.

*NOTE* Deep Tissue can most certainly be used to address many specific issues within the body, like frozen shoulder, text neck, sciatica, tennis elbow, etc, etc. If this type of thing is what you’re thinking about, you may want to consider booking an Orthopedic Bodywork session to alert your therapist. An Orthopedic Bodywork session will give your therapist more liberty to include other modalities besides Deep Tissue (like Craniosacral, Thai Massage, and more) to more directly address your specific concerns.

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