Bowspring Yoga (Private Class)

Bowspring Yoga: Yoga that brings you back to your primal nature and your strong glutes!
Bowspring Yoga: Yoga that brings you back to your primal nature and your strong glutes!

Bowspring Yoga focuses on a very specific, yet primal alignment of the body. We assert that the body is at it’s most functional and dynamic when the spine is in a wavy alignment where the pelvis is tipped and the ribcage is full, among many other postural cues. Many modern yoga classes and fitness classes will instruct their students to tuck their pelvis, where you are essentially hiding your tail between your legs. This is in an effort to make the body stick straight, like a skyscraper, with the idea that this makes you more stable. In Bowspring yoga, your tail is out, loud, and proud, while your heart is full and forward. Your spine more resembles a dynamic spring, fully loaded and ready for action! And yes, you do have a tail! Believe it or not, the movement and flexibility of your tailbone is absolutely essential to your health and wellbeing. More than likely, Bowspring alignment is one big missing piece of your healing journey’s puzzle.

Bowspring Yoga can help you with:
1. Any kind of Hip dysfunction
2. Pelvic Floor Problems
3. Digestion Issues
4. Shallow/Rapid Breathing or Anxiety
5. Lack of Strength or Flexibility
6. Orthopedic conditions such as Sciatica, Text Neck
7. Relief from pain with Autoimmune disorders
8. Nerve Regeneration through Retraining

Bowspring Yoga is excellent for anyone and everyone, but the students that really take to it tend to have a high degree of autonomy and accountability. They are self-motivated and they have no problem going against the grain to achieve their health and fitness goals. It does not matter how much pain you are in, when you start moving your body in the manner it was designed to move, you can start to heal. Bowspring can even be easier for students with little to no yoga or fitness background, because they have fewer preconceived ideas about how they are “supposed” to move.

Learning the Bowspring alignment is a highly somatic experience. Just processing the instructions and trying them out can be a very emotional experience for new students. As they say, “the issues are in the tissues.” Once you reprogram the nervous system to allow for a more somatically open posture, all those emotions you were defending are fair game to surface. Whether that be immediately or over the course of the next few days, weeks, or longer. Just be aware, and be gentle with yourself.

This private class is designed to be highly instructive. You will learn what you need to do with your specific body and your challenges to be successful with Bowspring. This may take anywhere from 1-6 sessions. After that, I recommend that you practice regularly with a group class. I can refer to you to online classes, online workshops, in-person classes, and on demand online videos. You can always come take another class with me if there is something that you are stuck on or if you need more explanation or refinement.

When taking a Bowspring Yoga class, we recommend wearing clothes like what you would wear to any yoga class: Allowing for modesty, flexibility, and comfort during freedom of movement. This also allows your therapist to more easily do a full body assessment. Please remove all watches and jewelry before the session starts. We generally recommend coming in for private classes once a week. Your specific situation may be different, so talk with your therapist about a good treatment plan for you.

You may feel a little sore after a day or two. We recommend drinking an additional liter of high quality water to help reduce soreness. Also, avoid any foods that are high in sodium, as this can be dehydrating. Fruits are an excellent way to eat your water and they help get your lymphatic system flowing to flush out all the gunk released from this deep work.

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