Thai Massage (Stretching)

Thai Massage: Assisted stretching, deep compressions, and much much more! For All Flexibility Levels!
Thai Massage: Assisted stretching, deep compressions, and much much more! For All Flexibility Levels!

Thai Massage is such a fun and super effective modality. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just for flexible clients, truly, Thai Massage is great for everyone at every fitness level! This service is done with the client completely clothed. It is done both on the massage table and on a traditional Thai mat on the floor. Your therapist will move you into a wide variety of stretches including hip openers, heart openers, twists, neck stretches, and still more. One of the most useful components of Thai Massage is that your therapist is able to perform deep compressions with up to their entire body weight, which at times is appropriate for some clients. Our room is equipped with a suspension strap set-up, similar to ashiatsu bars, whereby your therapist can thoughtfully and precisely apply deep pressure exactly where you need it. Thai Massage will make use of all kinds of postures, including lying face up, face down, on the side, seated, standing, and even supported yoga postures like child’s pose or pigeon. Thai Massage has been practiced for over 2500 years and has a rich history. At West Wellness, we blend the traditional methods with what we have found to be the most pain relieving methods.

We recommend wearing clothes like what you would wear to a yoga class: Allowing for modesty, flexibility, and comfort during freedom of movement. This also allows your therapist to more easily do a full body assessment. Please remove all watches and jewelry before the session starts. We generally recommend coming in for bodywork every 4 weeks for everyone. If you’re looking to make progress quickly, you may want to come back in as little as 2 weeks. Your specific situation may be different, so talk with your therapist about a good treatment plan for you.

You may feel a little sore after a day or two. We recommend drinking an additional liter of high quality water to help reduce soreness. Also, avoid any foods that are high in sodium, as this can be dehydrating. Fruits are an excellent way to eat your water and they help get your lymphatic system flowing to flush out all the gunk released from this deep work.

Not ready to commit to full stretch session yet? Try our Assisted Stretching Add-On first!

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