Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release: Liberate your muscles from the complex webbing of fascia that envelops them!
Myofascial Release: Liberate your muscles from the complex webbing of fascia that envelops them!

What is Myofascial Release? ‘Myo’ is the shortened word for Muscle. ‘Fascia’ is a three-dimensional web of connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, all the way to the very deep layers and all the way down to the bone. When we Release the Myofascia, we are able to release tightly held areas of tension that address local issues as well as systemic issues throughout the body. The term Myofascial Release was popularized by John Barnes.

Your therapist will massage, knead, stretch, and even use retraining exercises to address your specific problem. Myofascial Release is very specific and will deal with your problem areas, but that does not guarantee that it will be a painful experience, so please do not let that deter you. But, in the same vein, do expect to put some effort forward to reach your goals. Your therapist will coach your breathing and guide you through the moves, but know that you will need to remain present and communicative. This isn’t the massage for just zoning out. This is bodywork for making real progress and tangible change in your body.

Myofascial Release is known for making use of trigger points on the body. Trigger points are spots that when addressed, refer to other areas of the body. Pressure is used for a sustained, prolonged period to release tension that releases many muscles along the fascial plane.

We may make use of a foam roller, lacrosse ball, yoga strap, or other tools. This also allows me to recommend at home exercises specific to your needs.

With Myofascial Release, you can expect to:

  • Improve your range of motion.
  • Reduce soreness and help assist the tissue recovery process.
  • Help the body relax overall.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Release tension, knots and even stress.

NOTE: When booking online, please choose Orthopedic Bodywork session and leave a note for your therapist that you would like to focus on Myofascial Release.

Myofascial Release may include bodywork done with the clothes on, so you will want to wear clothes like what you would wear to a yoga class: Allowing for modesty, flexibility, and comfort during freedom of movement. This also allows your therapist to more easily do a full body assessment. Please remove all watches and jewelry before the session starts. Most clients are used to being laid on the table face up or face down, but we also incorporate side-lying and seated work (of course, you will still be draped, or you will possibly be in your clothing). We generally recommend coming in for bodywork every 4 weeks for everyone. Your specific situation may be different, so talk with your therapist about a good treatment plan for you.

You may feel a little sore after a day or two. We recommend drinking an additional liter of high quality water to help reduce soreness. Also, avoid any foods that are high in sodium, as this can be dehydrating. Fruits are an excellent way to eat your water and they help get your lymphatic system flowing to flush out all the gunk released from this deep work.

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