Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy: Crafting good health from what you put inside yourself!
Nutrition Therapy: Crafting good health from what you put inside yourself!

Take the first step to truly taking charge of your health by being more conscious and critical of what you are directly putting into your body.

Let’s work together to find a way to help you reach your health and wellness goals, big or small, through your food choices. Healthy eating does not have to be a chore, it can be a delicious habit that you love and love to share with others. We will also explore options for short term cleansing, where you can push against your preconceived boundaries, build new taste buds, and discover the incredible vitality that your body is innately capable of. Short term cleansing can also help you to more quickly, effortlessly, and successfully make your Diet Upgrade, with fewer cravings!

First we will do an assessment of where you are currently at with your diet, weight, and general health. From there, depending on your goals, we will assign you an achievable Diet Upgrade Level (read below) to work towards and I will give you the tools you need to get there.

So, you might ask, what’s in the toolkit?

1. Education on why you’re making these diet changes
2. Support on removing your “troublemaker” items from your diet and replacing them with TASTY and fun alternatives!
3. Guidance on how to sustainably instill new diet habits.
4. How to navigate situations like social gatherings, restaurants, and the grocery store!
5. How to read labels and choose healthy, life giving food and water for you and your family.
6. How to make healthy meals appealing to your spouse, children, and whoever else is a special person in your life! But remember, our focus is on YOU.
7. Dealing with Detox and Cravings – anything worth achieving takes work!
8. Take the focus off “removing foods” and shift it to ADDING foods! Adding in delicious fruits like raspberries, bananas, watermelon, having fun with smoothies and smoothie bowls, creating incredible fresh salads and homemade dressings, VEGAN TACOS and PIZZA, healthy and local Austin restaurants, just to name a few options! There is a PLETHORA of healthy alternatives and a whole new world of food items and recipes that are available to you once you embrace it!

Health Benefits you can expect to receive
from upgrading your diet and/or doing a short term cleanse:

Weight Loss – Improved Digestion – Improved Skin – Encourage Lymphatic Drainage – Gain Strangth and Dexterity – Increased Energy and Vitality – Improved Flexibility – Eliminate Headaches and Migraines – Eliminate Allergies – Improved Eyesight – Improved Teeth – Improved Hearing – Breathe Better – Build Muscle – Increase Attention Span – Reverse Aging – Eliminate Aches and Pains – Improve Balance – Eliminate Depression – Enhanced Connection to Self and Others – Enhanced Spirituality and Insight – Heal Liver and Gall Bladder – Heal Kidneys and Bladder – Heal Lungs – Increased Immune System – Increase Energy and Vitality – Heal Heart and Blood Vessels – Heal Brain – Increased Metabolism – Balance Hormones – Normalize Thyroid Function – Decrease Jaw Pain – Relax Nervous System – Increase Confidence – Improve Sleep

Health Conditions you can expect to see improvement on
from upgrading your diet and/or doing a short term cleanse:

Diabetes – Gout – Heart Disease – Cancer – Mental Health Issues – AutoImmune Disorders – Obesity – Respiratory Diseases – Alzheimer’s Disease – Dementia – Alcohol/Drug Addiction – Nervous System Disorders – IBS – Acid Reflux – Crohn’s Disease – TMJ – Anemia – ALS – Virtually ALL HEALTH CONDITIONS WILL SEE IMPROVEMENT – A Clean Body is a Healing Body!

Levels of Diet Upgrades

These are general guidelines for how to progressively level up your diet. Many clients may just prefer to stay at Level 1, which you could certainly do for a long time and experience great benefit. At level 1, with some experimentation, you even may find you prefer to omit some food items like gluten or dairy, or simply incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables into your routine, rather than commit to a total lifestyle change. There’s no judgement on how far you climb up the ladder. Not all of us are meant to be yogis, residing in caves on the moutains, living a life completely free of attachment to food and humanity. Food is a vital part of community, and I respect each individual’s diet choices and aim to support you where you are at. However, I do offer that support for clients who are spiritually ready and willing OR facing significant health challenges and know that they need a complete diet overhaul to heal. Additionally, short term cleanses can be remarkably effective at instigating healing within the body for everyone, please continue reading below for more details.

Level 1: Eat Real Food
Eliminate processed foods. Only eat organic. Drink spring water exclusively, ideally bottled in glass.

Level 2: Pescatarian
Remove all land animals.

Level 3: Pegan
Remove eggs and dairy.

Level 4: Vegan
Remove all sea animals.

Level 5:Vegan Monk
Remove all stimulants, ie Caffeine, Vinegar, Salt, Chocolate, Spices, Alcohol…

Level 6: Grain-Free Vegan Monk
Remove all grain.

Level 7: Raw Vegan
Remove all cooked food.

Level 8: Fruitarian
Remove all vegetables.

Level 9: Low Fat Fruitarian
Remove all nuts and seeds

Levels of Cleansing

Essentially, a Cleanse is a temporary stay at a Diet Upgrade Level that is higher than your ultimate goal. That’s anywhere from Level 1 through 9 as listed above, as well as Level 10, which is Water Fasting. We’ll add Extras (listed below) depending on your needs. Your cleanse will be custom tailored to you.

– No Fat
– No Stimulants (ie coffee, alcohol, salt, spices, etc)
– No Cooked Food
– No Gluten
– No Dairy
– Melon Mornings
– Raw Till 4
– Only Fruit
– Only Watery Fruit
– Mono-cleansing (Eat only one food, ie all bananas)
– Juice Fast
– Water Fast
– Intermittent Fasting

I can provide support for up to 3 days of cleansing. I will design your cleanse, give you all the tools you need to be successful, as well as make myself available for a 20 minute phone call on each day of your cleanse. For longer term cleansing options, I can refer you out to other practitioners who specialize in this.