Stretch Bodywork Class – Self Myofascial Relase (SMR)

Take your Bodywork experience to whole new level with a Stretch Bodywork class! Your instructor will guide you through a flow of variety of active and passive stretches, tailored to your level of flexibility and strength. Each pose will be enhanced by a prop, whether that be a foam roller, strap, yoga block, massage gun,…

My Personal Food Journey

Currently, I am Fruitarian. But quite frankly, I have not historically even liked or EATEN fruit. I grew up on a steady diet of pizza, packaged ramen, fetticini alfredo, burgers, steak, fast food, salmon, lentils…. Some healthy, some real food… some not so healthy, some not real food. But essentially, just eating for fun. I…

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition! Let’s work together to find a way to help you reach your health and wellness goals, big or small, through your food choices. Healthy eating does not have to be a chore, it can be a delicious habit that you love and love to share with others.

Myofascial Release

‘Myo’ is the shortened word for Muscle. ‘Fascia’ is a three-dimensional web of connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, all the way to the very deep layers and all the way down to the bone. When we Release the Myofascia, we are able to release tightly held areas of tension that address local issues as well as systemic issues throughout the body.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Massage: Trigger points are often tender spots along the body. When touched, they have observable patterns of referral pain points, sometimes close and sometimes far, from the origin source.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Massage: Your therapist will manually assist the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout your body.

Silicone Cupping Spa Add-On

While massage works by pushing the muscle tissue down, cupping works by vacuum suctioning the muscle tissue up.

Hot Stones Spa Add-on

Hot Stones: Melt away as your therapist uses hot stones to soothe, relax, and dissolve knots of tension.

Orthopedic Bodywork

Orthopedic Bodywork is used to treat and alleviate pain from orthopedic conditions such as low back pain, text neck, sciatica, tennis elbow, TMJ disorder, etc.

Intra-Oral Massage (For TMJ and more)

Intra Oral TMJ Massage: Your therapist will work on the structures inside the mouth, as well as on the face, head, and neck to relieve TMJ or other associated issues.

Craniosacral Therapy

Many clients do not know what Craniosacral Therapy is. Traditionally, it does focus more on the head and neck, this is what most people are aware of. However, what makes Craniosacral Therapy a very different experience than you are used to is that it mainly makes use of pressure that is no heavier than a…

Pregnancy Massage

Our offering of pregnancy massage is designed to be safe and appropriate for expecting mothers, while still delivering them deep therapeutic benefit where they need it!

Deep Relaxation Massage

Deep Relaxation Massage is for clients looking for a service that will put them into a deep sleep or meditation. Sometimes what the body needs is to truly feel safe. Then, it can reset the nervous system out of hyperdrive (Sympathetic) and into its rest and digest functions (Parasympathetic).

Thai Massage (Stretching)

Your therapist will move you into a wide variety of stretches including hip openers, heart openers, twists, neck stretches, and still more. One of the most useful components of Thai Massage is that your therapist is able to perform deep compressions with up to their entire body weight, which at times is appropriate for some clients.

Deep Tissue Massage

We do Deep Tissue Massage the way it should be done. Slowly, deeply, with intention and precision. This is a popular modality that appeals to a wide variety of clients, and for good reason: It’s effective!